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A Reason to Make Cake

I need a reason to make. this. cake.

Chocolate cake – peanut butter frosting – chocolate/peanut butter glaze


SOMArts Feature

Look, it’s me! I volunteer for local arts non-profit SOMArts here in the city, and I just realized that I am featured on their blog!

Little Baker in the City

It’s official: I’m back! My beloved city in the fog—I tried to leave you, but couldn’t in the end. Besides, leaving would have meant the end of SF for this Little Baker—inconceivable! It’s a sign and also the only thing I am absolutely sure about right now: this city and me, we are meant to be.

So excited, so inspired to be here! Lots more recipes and photos to come 🙂

My Blog Needs a New Face

So bored with my blog-face. Want a new look and don’t want to wait ’til New Year’s just so I can write a cheesy post titled “New Year/New You”.

Ta-daaa! It’s red. Let’s see how long I can take it…

A Blogiversary…

I feel like celebrating today (even if only on the inside…”somebody’s got to make the monies,” as my mom would say…he he he).

One year ago today, I was halfway across the globe, living in Singapore, ending a relationship and planning a move back to the US. And now I’m here in San Francisco,  surrounded by loved ones and one giant leap closer to understanding my own heart.

San Francisco was here before I came and will still be here when I leave (duh), but it’s as if I built my own city here—from the ground up. And though me and my little blog were not born here, this is where we came into our own. This is home.

I was hoping to reach my 100th post by today…so close with 99! I plan on making something tonight for this special occasion, as well as for a friend’s birthday tomorrow. Still brainstorming though.

Happy Blogiversary, my little blog ❤

This is the last time…

I promise, this is the last time.

I’m now The Little Baker.

Lazy, Lazy Blogger

Why am I so un-bloggy lately? I have nothing food-related to blog about, that’s why.

Food hasn’t really been my focus lately (Gasp!). Last week, I wasn’t eating–I was going out and drinking…a lot. This week, I am detoxing–going to bikram yoga to cleanse my booze-soaked pores and vital organs. This weekend, however, I promise to get my lazy blogger-self back in gear and start posting.

FYI: I DID bake last weekend (i.e. totally interesting post about blondies to come) —I’m still really annoyed with my shitty camera situation. A) I hate posting pictures taken with my prehistoric point-and-shoot, and B) I lost my card reader and have to ask either L. or M. for theirs.

Yet Another Blog Title

Finding a name for this blog has been harder than I thought.

My mom didn’t like the first name, Saffron & Basil.

No one liked Cook.Bake.Eat.Write—way too long.

So what about MixiCook. I wanted to include some reference to my mixed cultural heritage. So I used the name of a popular online social network for mixed people in Japan, mixi, to do just that.

I hope my mom gets it. I can already here her saying, “Oh, noooo. This not good. No one can understand…”  (-_-“)

Well, I think its culturally-representative, cute, fun—and more like me.

New Blog Name

Why the new name? Honestly, my mom didn’t like the old one. And when I thought about it, neither did I.

As for Cook.Bake.Eat.Write—it fits better. I like it.

The Beginning

This is where it starts. I love food, travel, photography and writing. What better way to hone my skills than with a blog. I’ll be posting soon!