The Search for Rennet

At last, at last, I’ve finally found it: rennet!

Believe me when I say I have been looking eeeeeverywhere for this elusive bacteria. It is in fact the final ingredient I need to make real cheese. I picked up the citric acid, another vital ingredient, at Parkside Farmers Market for like $2 and then will stop by Rainbow Grocery tomorrow to buy the liquid rennet ($7.99). I gave them a call today; apparently you have to ask them at the cheese counter for it: “We don’t have it lying around on the shelves,” I was told. Okay, so what I’ve actually found is vegetable rennet, which is kind of a misnomer considering that rennet specifically refers to the bacteria found in cow stomach. In any case, I’ve checked it out–veggie rennet works for cheese-making too!

Yes, I realize I could’ve bought bacteria online. But I don’t want to. They charge like $25 for a kit, which I don’t need. Cheese is milk and bacteria—I refuse to pay an arm and a leg, plus shipping and handling, for bacteria.

Oh my goodness, I don’t know how long I’ve been trying to make real cheese. Years. Since college. It’s like making a dream into actual reality! So what’s on first on the agenda this week? Homemade mozzarella. Oh, the possibilities! What can’t you do with a ball of fresh mozzarella?

To be continued…

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