It’s Not You, It’s Me Carrot Pecan Cake

What happens when you bake, do laundry and clean all at the same time? You get dry cake—which you can’t pass onto friends or even eat yourself, and which goes straight from the oven into the trash. Oh, I do not like waste.

I was seriously excited to bake this cake. It’s a recipe I found on Baking for the Cure: it’s easy, seems somewhat healthy, and the pictures are so gorgeous, I could eat them! So you can imagine my disappointment upon removing the baking pan from the oven and sticking the tip of my knife into a cake with the texture of an old, dry sponge. (Not sure why I bothered to take pictures.) I don’t blame the recipe; I’m sure it’s fine. It’s me. Maybe I got the measurements wrong, or perhaps I baked it for too long. Well, whatever the reason, waste—of time and good ingredients—is always a shame.

Luckily for me, there’s always next time! (^_^”)

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