Home for Christmas

It’s only been a month since I was last in Portland. Oh, but there’s no place like home, especially during the holidays.

This Christmas was quiet. My brother is still far away in Laos, investigating his positionality and at the same time charming people, meeting monks and wondering why the burden on his shoulders keeps getting heavier. So it was just the four of us, plus a family friend and the exchange student from China, this year. There was no turkey, much to the disappointment of my sister, and as my dad said, “we’re not ham people”. Instead, there was Japanese Butter Yaki Salmon, Peruvian Papas a la Huancaina, Japanese Chirashi Zushi, Japanese Sesame Spinach (horensou gomae), Green Bean Casserole (my sister insisted) and salad, of course. For dessert, there was a Pear Custard Pie, Bread Pudding and Flan Napoletano de Queso. Not very traditional, but a feast just the same.

I’ll be posting recipes and pictures in the days to come. Btw, I do realize that the huancaina sauce is the wrong color. It should be bright yellow, but as I can only get dried Peruvian yellow chiles in Portland, it came out burnt orange instead. The dried chiles also altered the flavor a bit, though overall still pretty good.

To all my loved ones and dear readers, I wish you all happy holidays and a peaceful new year.

Theresa  (^_^)

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